Beat Remote Working Chaos Fast

Everyone has been through the blender and chaos caused by moving to remote so quickly. Many assumptions held closely were proven wrong-everywhere.

For those companies needing who's overall strategy and vision haven't changed during the pandemic, there are gazillions of tactical decisions which need to be made so that teams stay effective. While you can muddle your way through, why not think through how to adapt your leadership style and make the most of teams working remotely.

Moreover, if teams don’t meet face-to-face on a regular basis… cohesion, communication, and connection all become more difficult. If you’re a new remote team or a team in transition, you might be feeling disconnected from the people you work with and not know how to fix it.

Get proactive. Hire expert help.

Figure out what's next for you and your company with Lukasz Szyrmer, a #1 bestselling remote teamwork author, podcaster, trainer.


High team productivity feels fun and effortless


Get everyone's input so that you have the full picture


Carefully selected activities to help come to great decisions and outcomes


Identify and solve the big problems quickly


Make decisions together with guaranteed buy-in


Every company has a different set of opportunities and assets

Why me?

I have already been 'in the trenches' of remote for over a decade. I led a program of approximately 30 distributed across 13 time zones and 8 different locations. Over the last 9 years, I've led teams building enterprise software, running marketing and sales, and launched two bestselling books. Remotely. In many cases, I worked with people I never met or spoke to in person.

Moreover, I've run countless workshops and training events, both internal to companies and public meetup gatherings–in person and remote.

In short, I know how to achieve remotely and make it enjoyable for everyone involved. And use facilitation and context-setting in order to achieve business goals.

What do you need?

Tell me a little more. For your reference, training and facilitation programs start at a minimum of $5000.